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Why do drinks take longer to make at Senator than at other bars?

We measure every ingredient that goes into a cocktail; we don't just turn down bottles and hope for the best. Also we have a small bar. If a large group of people comes in and orders all at once, it could slow us down.


I'm not a bourbon fan. Do you have other kinds of drinks?

Yes. Many of our cocktails are made without whiskey. We have a deep selection of gin and vodka. Our rum selection includes Demerara rum, rhum agricole, and other types of rum. We also have some very rare (for Shanghai) tequila/mezcal. Our wines are mainly from the old world—from Provence, Rioja, Rhône, Tuscany, Catalonia, Champagne, Burgundy, and  Bordeaux. And we have a selection of 7—8 carefully chosen quality beers. We're pretty sure there is something for just about everyone.


Who is your bar manager? What's his background?

Our bar manager is David Schroeder from the U.S. He has been bartending for years in the Portland, Oregon, area. When he wasn't working at a bar, he provided personal protection services for high—level executives. He is an expert in firearms, so don't get any ideas.


Are you open for lunch?

We plan to open for lunch and weekend brunch. Check back with us here for more info.


Can I book a private party at Senator?

Senator is available for private events. The cost depends on the day of the week. We get pretty busy on the weekends, when we would rather not rent the place out. But anything is possible.